Boxwood Bonsai Corner Décor

Boxwood Bonsai Corner Décor


Product Description

Take your interiors a notch higher by opting for miniature of big tree like appearance plant i.e. boxwood bonsai plant. This boxwood bonsai will absolutely blend with almost all modern styles. This plant can tolerate high sunlight and one of the useful plant which can be grown in partial shade. Apart from home décor, it is also used in the treatment of rheumatism.

Key features:

  •     Plant Type- Bonsai
  •     Plant Location – Indoor
  •     Vase Material- Cermic
  •     Vase Colour – White
  •     Vase Height – 3.5 inches
  •     Plant Height – 8 inches

    Caring Points: 

  •         Plant should be kept moist at all the time.
  •         Be careful to avoid overwatering.
  •         Add the fertilizer annually to the soil.
  •         As plants are natural therefore their size may vary at the time of delivery.
  •         For flowering plant, flower may be fully bloomed, semi-bloomed or in bud-stage 

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