Moon catus plant in Red Planer

Moon catus plant in Red Planer


Product Description

The moon cactus plant has different colors because of the pigments. The size of the cactus makes it easy and convenient for anyone to keep it on the desks and tables. The dimensions of the plant are 11.5 cm x 11.5 cm. This is a good gift for people who keep plants in their house and even office.The pot of the cactus makes it look more attractive and unique. You can also keep it in caravans and any other traveling vehicle.


  • Plant Type- Airpurifying
  • Plant Placement- Indoor
  • Plant Height- Natural
  • How to handle the Gift: Keep watering it from time to time. Keep away from small children . Do not keep it in a hot or dry area . Do not pluck the leaves of the plant . Use some normal insecticides if required.
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