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Are you wondering what would be the perfect gift for your loved ones on this celebration season? Don’t worry; gifts valla bring special gifts for you that make your celebration season sparkling. With our gift option services, you can pick any of your favorite gift items you want to send to your loved ones.

Prepare beautiful small gifts while ensuring every little detailing on them. We have an endless list on our gift page where you surely get confused while picking the right gift for your loved ones. From invitation gifts to sorry gifts, we are specialized in all kinds of gifts. Our packaging is heart touching that can attain the attention of the receiver.

Ensure all the features of love while packing a gift for a person. We might not know what the sender has in heart, but we know how to make it special. We prepare gifts with our hearts out.

Choose any of our custom customized cups which comes with a lot of advantages. Our services are reliable to your money. We provide you more than the amount you paid to us. Gifts valla aims to serve customer satisfaction, connect people, help them confess their feelings through our gifts, and boost the love between a relationship. We do not charge you to make a profit. Our profit lies in your happiness.


As we already said, our foremost priority is to serve happiness with our personalized mugs. But other than that, we offer several services to our customers. Let’s take a look at those privileges our customers can get from us while shopping with us.

  • Best quality printing: We prepare custom coffee mugs with pictures on them. Apart from pictures, we also write meaningful quotes on them. Based on your choice we can prepare any of it. The most important thing about our service is, we use the best quality printing on the mugs. These prints do not get removed easily. We have durable quality mugs in our collection. Don’t worry the memories of your gift will not fade away with time. It will stay for longer than expected.
  • Packaging of the mugs: While packaging your custom photo cup, we lock happiness in the box. Our packaging box is filled with happiness and excitement. Opening our gift means opening a treasure box that must load with gold, gems, etc. But in simple terms, our box is filled with happiness whose value cannot be estimated. We prepare the box according to the occasion. We have a separate packaging system for invitations, whereas we use different packaging for your anniversary or birthday.
  • On-time delivery: Many customers always want to deliver beautiful gifts on time. They do not want to cross the occasion. Our services of delivery are timely. Usually, we deliver our gifts before the occasion to make it better. However, if a customer asks to deliver the gift on occasion day, we also do it in their way.


Have we told you that we have personalized coffee mugs for all occasions? We guess no. At our online gift store, you get the option to choose a wide range of mugs. On which we either print the picture or print a meaningful quote.

Some prefer to gift a photo cup, whereas some prefer to gift a quote mug. Based on your taste, we get one for you. From different sizes to colors, we have all in our collection. Moreover, our customers can find combo sets in our collection, including teddy bears, chocolates, and flowers. These are usually sent out on anniversaries, birthdays, etc.

Our personalized photo mug is a perfect gift for all occasions and people. Be it your mother or lover; a mug is the perfect gift for all. Even it is not up to the gender, too, gift it to your father or colleague. What’s the special deal about a mug gift? While gifting to a new person, most of us are unaware of their choice; at these complicated moments, the mug becomes our savior. Also, you can distribute these cups as invitation gifts because the trend of invitation gifts has been changing.

For further information, you can reach us and order your favorite mug from our website. We will provide you with all the services which we mentioned here. Further, you find our prices are highly reasonable than the market price.