Aladdin Ka Chirag Personalised 3D illusion Color changing LED Night lamp

Aladdin Ka Chirag Personalised 3D illusion Color changing LED Night lamp


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Giftsvalla 3D Illusion Lamp is a perfect customized gift for your better halves and or for anniversaries and birthdays gifts for your parents, friends, and any other family member. This customized 3D Illusion LED lamp is one the best gift for not only a couple but also for your parents, siblings, and friends and is one of the best to gift on any kind of occasion like birthdays anniversary but also for festive gifts✔

  • 3D Illusion Lamp is Dan innovative lamp that creates a 3D optical illusion with an acrylic glass design and an LED light set on a handcrafted wooden base. This 3d Illusion Lamp can also be customized with your name and taglines on it which gives it an extraordinary look and increases its value several-fold by making it a token of the memorandum✔
  • This 3D Optical Illusion lamp can also be used as a perfect decorative piece in your home décor, living room, bedroom, office desk or any other workplace. It can also be used as a night lamp in your house.
  • This 3D Illusion Lamp is made of high-quality acrylic with a wooden stand. It comes with a wooden base LED stand and power adapter and it requires 220V of household supply to function.✔
  • This 3D Illusion lamp is designed in a unique way to make long-lasting memories of your lovely moments and to enhance its effects.
  • Eco-friendly: Low energy consumption. Made of safety material. No foul odors or chemical powder coatings.
  • Material: High-quality Acrylic glass design with wooden stand and dimensions of 12.5*24centimeters.
  • Applicable scenarios: Perfect wedding gifts, birthday gifts, wedding anniversary gifts, and good decoration for bedrooms, living rooms, cafes, restaurants and parties.

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