Aloe Vera Medicinal Plant

Aloe Vera Medicinal Plant


Product Description

Here, we offer this incredible houseplant which is known by its name - Aloe Vera. It is a medicinal plant which has gel and has power to cure any skin problem. And today, skin problem is generally common. But, now you don’t worry and don’t need to take any medicine as well. Just go with this houseplant, this is natural and when apply on skin then doesn’t show any side-effects.

Key features:

  •     Plant Type- Medicinal
  •     Plant Location – Indoor
  •     Vase Material- Plastic pot
  •     Vase Colour – Red
  •     Vase Height – 4 inches
  •     Plant Height – 5 inches

    Caring Points: 

  •         Plant should be kept moist at all the time.
  •         Be careful to avoid overwatering.
  •         Add the fertilizer annually to the soil. .
  •         For flowering plant, flower may be fully bloomed, semi-bloomed or in bud-stage.
  •         As plants are natural therefore their size may vary at the time of delivery. 

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