Delight your Mother with Jade Plant

Delight your Mother with Jade Plant


Product Description

Make your mother happy like never before by gifting her such a valuable and thoughtful gift. Bringing a jade plant is like bringing good luck to your house which will activate the financial luck around the space it sites in. It is considered auspicious to gift a jade plants to your near and dear ones on a special occasions in many cultures around the world.


  • Plant Type- foliage
  • Plant Location – Indoor/Outdoor
  • Vase Material – Plastic (White and Brown)
  • Vase Height – 4 inches
  • Caring Points: : Plant should be kept moist at all the time. Be careful to avoid overwatering. Add the fertilizer annually to the soil. As plants are natural therefore their size may vary at the time of delivery. For flowering plant, flower may be fully bloomed, semi-bloomed or in bud-stage.
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