Engrave Roller Pen Black and Golden

Engrave Roller Pen Black and Golden


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  • Engrave Roller Pen Black and Golden
  • Product Type- Metal Engrave Pen
  • The color combination of golden and black on the pen makes it look more attractive and beautiful. ● The dimensions of the pen are 14 cm x 1.5 cm. ● You can easily keep the pen in your pockets. ● You can have anyone’s name engraved on it. ● This metallic pen is very durable and long-lasting. ● This is a perfect gift for people who like to keep a pen with them all the time. ● This pen comes inside a plastic case. How to handle the pen: ● Keep away from children ● Do not give a jerk to the pen ● Do not keep in cold places ● Make sure to keep the pen again in its case. ● Do not write on wooden or plastic things ● Use only on paper

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