Love Plant in sea Love Planter

Love Plant in sea Love Planter


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  • Love Plant in sea Love Planter
  • Plant Type- Airpurifying
  • Plant Placement- Indoor
  • Plant Height- are Natural
  • This Syngonium plant is a perfect gift for people who like to keep plants inside their house or even office. ● The pot of the plant is a circle in shape and looks beautiful when kept on a table. ● You can also keep the plant at a corner in the house or even in the office. ● This is a multipurpose plant that not only increases the beauty of the area where it is kept but also increases the amount of oxygen in the air making it clean. ● It also helps to regulate the humidity of the area and make the atmosphere refreshing. ● People who keep working at the same place for long hours can use this plant. ● The dimensions of the plant are 8 cm x 7.5 cm, which is small and can be kept anywhere you want like the tables and working desks. How to handle the Gift: ● Keep watering it from time to time ● Keep away from small children ● Do not keep it in a hot or dry area ● Do not pluck the leaves of the plant ● Use some normal insecticides if required

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