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Mini Home

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Looking for something unique to gift this time to your loved ones? Look no further!

Miniature Home is a perfect gift for any birthday, anniversary, Valentine's and of course, the best gifts are for yourself!

Capturing little things of happiness of couple in my own miniature way.

Make a moment memorable by gifting something that gets straight into the heart

About the Product:

It's a wooden base covered with acrylic glass. The main picture is a photo cutout. Rest all elements are miniatures made of various materials.

Size: 8*10 inch

Requirements from customer:

1. 1 full-length image (To be used as the main picture)

2. 4 to 8 other pictures.

3. Couple name, anniversary date and any other specific detail.


  • Please send clear and good quality pictures.
  • Prices are all-inclusive for deliveries anywhere in India.
  • As it's a personalized handmade product, there won't be any cancellation possible once the order is placed.

How to Send Photos?

Email after placing the order

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