Money Plant in animal shape cute Planter

Money Plant in animal shape cute Planter


Product Description

The cute little pot of the plant makes the plant even more attractive. The plant is fixed in an elephant-shaped pot. The dimensions of the plant are 9 cm x 12.5 cm. This Syngonium plant is a multipurpose plant that helps you to keep the air clean. This plant increases the level of the area where it is kept.


  • Plant Type- Airpurifying
  • Plant Placement- Indoor
  • Plant Height- Natural
  • The date of delivery can vary in case there is a public holiday or any government issues. How to handle the Gift: Keep watering it from time to time . Keep away from small children . Do not keep it in a hot or dry area . Do not pluck the leaves of the plant . Use some normal insecticides if required.
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