Pachira Indoor Bonsai Plant

Pachira Indoor Bonsai Plant


Product Description

Today’s world, plants as a gifting option become a rage among the human population because of their nurturing value. If there is an upcoming occasion like a birthday, anniversary, or any other occasion for your loved ones, you can go with this wonderfully shaped bonsai plant in a decent planter. Therefore, buy lively plants from us and grow with them.

Key features:

  •     Plant Type- Bonsai
  •     Plant Location – Indoor/Outdoor
  •     Vase Material – Cork
  •     Vase Colour – Wooden
  •     Vase Height – 5 inches
  •     Plant Height – 7 to 8 inches

    Caring Points: 

  •         The plant should be kept moist all the time.
  •         Be careful to avoid overwatering.
  •         Add the fertilizer annually to the soil.
  •         As plants are natural therefore their size may vary at the time of delivery.
  •         For flowering plants, flowers may be fully bloomed, semi-bloomed, or in the bud stage. 

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