Personalized Women day led glass Bottle

Personalized Women day led glass Bottle


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  • Personalized Women day led glass Bottle
  • Product Type- Led Bottle
  • Product Size- 30 cm x 7.5 cm
  • This light glass bottle lamp looks beautiful at night. ● The lights inside the bottle make it look even more attractive and are a good gift for people who like to decorate their rooms or even houses. ● The dimensions of the light glass bottle lamp are 30 cm x 7.5 cm, which is a perfect size for keeping it on the tables and desks. ● You can even paste your or anyone’s photo on the glass bottle and the lights behind it will make it more beautiful. How to handle the light glass bottle lamp: ● Keep away from small children ● Do not keep it in a moist place ● Do not allow water to enter inside the bottle ● Clean the bottle with a dry cloth ● Keep away from heat ● Do not break the glass bottle

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