Zamia Plant In Blue Sea Planter

Zamia Plant In Blue Sea Planter


Product Description

Everyone likes to keep plants and flowers in their home and office cabins.This Zamia plant will be a great gift for people who like to keep plants at homeThis plant not only enhances the beauty of the area in which it is kept but also reduces the amount of CO2 in the place. The dimensions of this plant are 15 cm x 6 cm, which is quite small and can easily fit even in small areas and desks. This plant will help people to refresh their minds as they get bored sitting at one place and doing the same work for hours.


  • Plant Type- Airpurifying
  • Plant Placement- Indoor
  • Plant Height- are Natural
  • The delivery date of the gift can vary in case there is any public holiday or any government issues.The gift is directly dispatched from the warehouse and is packed carefully to make sure that the gift does not get damaged from the inside as well as from the outside. You will also get a tracking number after the gift is shipped so that you can easily track the location and status of the gift. Once the gift is shipped to the mentioned address, the address can not be changed again. How to handle the Gift: Keep watering it from time to time. Keep away from small children. Do not keep it in a hot or dry area . Do not pluck the leaves of the plant .Use some normal insecticides if required.
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